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The Khilafat Movement The Khilafat Movement

The Khilafat Movement The Khilafat Movement:

The Khilafat movement would be a religio-political movement released through the Muslims of British India for that retention from the Ottoman Caliphate as well as for not handing within the charge of Muslim holy places to non-Muslims.

Poultry on the sides with Germany in World War 1. Because it started to get rid of world war 2, concerns were expressed in India about the way forward for Poultry. It had been an optimum period from 1919 to 1922 casting demos, boycott, along with other pressure through the two major towns, the Hindus and also the Muslims. Being siblings, the Indian Muslims recognized their religious duty to assist the Muslim country. It had been the additional territorial accessories according to Islam. Another factor same towards the first could be that the Indian Muslims considered Ottoman Caliphate symbolic of oneness from the Muslim world as Ummah.


1.Ottoman Khilafat ought to be stored intact.

2.Territorial solidarity of Poultry be maintained.

3.Charge of holy the places shouldn’t be provided to non-Muslims.



The documents from the Muslim intellectuals triggered the sentiments for that upkeep of Khilafat and retention from the Muslims charge of the holy places. The Muslims journalism performed an important role to influence the direction from the struggle. Zamindar of Zafar Ali Khan, Comrade and Hamdard of Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar, and Al-Hilal of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad etc. were the prominent magazines and newspapers which carried out their responsibilities to convey their bitterness. The Allies enforced humiliating terms on vanquished Poultry.

Protests in India:

All India Khilafat Committee was created at Bombay in This summer 1919. The very first Khilafat Conference at Delhi in November 1919 was arranged where the Congress leaders like Gandhi and Nehru participated. In by doing this, the main political parties became a member of hands to assault the injustice using the Muslim community. These steps were introduced:

No participation in victory festivities.

Boycott of British goods

Non Cooperation using the Government

The 2nd Khilafat Conference (Amritsar) occured in 12 ,. 1919. Maulana Muhammad Ali and Shaukat Ali became a member of the session after being launched from prison. In Jan. 1920, M. A. Ansari brought a delegation to Viceroy while Maulana M. A. Jauhar to Europe. The Khilafat Committee made the decision to begin non-cooperation together with the Congress in May 1920.

Rowlett Act, 1919

Rowlett Act would be a black law introduced in India. Towards the law, the federal government got authority to persecute any Indian and also the arrested didn’t have facility of legal assistance and to appeal just like the ‘Lettres p Cachet’ in France prior to the French Revolution. Jinnah resigned in the central legislature like a protest.

Jallianwala Bagh Incident, April 1919

The folks collected in Jallianwala Bagh at Amritsar but General Dyer opened up fire to disperse the throng that cast an enormous human casualties (379). It’s one among the truly amazing tragedies in India. In 1940, by killing Governor Punjab, Mister Michaal O’ Dayer, ‘Ram Muhammad Singh Azad’ got revenge from the Indian massacre.

The Nagpur Session from the Congress (12 ,. 1920) approved non-cooperation with Government but Jinnah opposed and left the Congress while he was against using extra-constitutional way of protests.


• Return Game titles.

• Boycott of courts and academic institutions.

• Resign from jobs.

• Later resign from police and military jobs.

• Refusal to pay for taxes.

Khilafat Conference, Karachi, This summer 1921

Within the session the participants expressed their loyalty to Turkish Sultan. They made the decision to carry on the agitation and supported Attaturk to expel foreign forces from Poultry.

Hijrat Movement 1920-21

The Indian ulama (religious leaders) declared India ‘Darul Harab.’ Darul Harab means the area (country) where Muslims aren’t permitted to do their religious practices. Within the stated situation, the Muslims should migrate towards the nearest rut. The ulama released decisions to visit Darul Islam, Afghanistan. There is an impact that King of Afghanistan would welcome them. Therefore the migration happened at massive. Initially Afghans welcomed them. Later, they closed the border and pressed the migrants to the Indian areas. It led to lack of lives and cash. Many died throughout this mission. Some visited Ussr from Afghanistan simply because they had nothing in India now.

Finish from the Movement

Moplah Revolt Malabar Coast, near Kalicut

Moplahs were the descendents from the Arab Muslims moved in the Sub-Region before the appearance of Muhammad Bin Qasim. In August 1921, they revolted against Hindu land lords whose treatment was very brutal together. Later this clash transformed as Moplahs in comparison to the Police and Hindu. This embittered the Hindu-Muslim relations.

There is a rise in violence daily and also the Chorachori Incident (UP) in Feb 1922 made worse the problem. The Congress volunteers set a police station burning and 21 cops were wiped out. Gandhi all of a sudden cancelled the movement.

Developments in Poultry

In 1922 Attaturk become a nationwide leader and restricted forces of Sultan. Next he was hired Chief from the condition by Grand National Set up. In March 1924, Khilafat was eliminated. This triggered a common bitterness one of the Indian Muslims. They sent delegations to Poultry but unsuccessful to attain their objectives.


1.It had been re-affirmation of the matter that religion is really a mobilizing pressure and particularly Islam has mobilization ability to organize public.

2.It had been the movement released based on extra-territorialism. Later, no such movement but Pan-Islamic sentiments ongoing.

3.It led to the sufferings from the Muslims

4.Hindu-Muslim oneness demonstrated short-resided.

Reactivation from the Muslim League along with other Muslim organizations to restart their activities like a separate nation was the truly amazing outcome.

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